The DGA’s money woes are making Wisconsin Democrats scared

Becoming the only blog in Wisconsin that has discredited Team Barrett’s rapid response attack ad on the Republican Governor’s Association, we expose the real reason why Team Barrett is in rapid response mode every time the RGA places an ad in Wisconsin.  

The Democratic Governor’s Association promised in November of 2009 to conduct a “defensive” race in Wisconsin.  However, the DGA has not been in full force because of their money woes in other states.  One proof is a recent column in a Nebraska newspaper.  The column exposes party officials in the Cornhusker State expressing their disgust for their party’s nominee along with the DGA for not spending enough money on candidate recruitment.     During the last fundraising period, the DGA was out-raised by the RGA along with having $9.2 milion dollars less cash on hand according to April 2010 fundraising reports.   Also, the proof is  in the pudding of the DGA’s failures that include wasting  money in last year’s New Jersey and Virginia Governors races along with the recent Super Tuesday primaries.  The DGA’s shoddy results come  from priortizing more money on television ad buys over diversifying their funds on not just ad buys, but candidate recrutiment along with the ground game. 

Mike Tate Watch got hold of two campaign fundraising e-mails from the Barrett Campaign making their fundraising pleas this week after the RGA placed an ad in Wisconsin.   Anyone can tell Team Barrett’s desperation for money from reading the e-mails as they do not want to admit to Wisconsin voters that one of the national campaign arms that would help Barrett out is seriously lacking on money. 

You would expect Mike Tate to put out his always extravagant press release attacking the RGA, but is he scared of the RGA’s strength nationwide while the DGA coughs up money in every other state?  Only if Phil Walzak, the Team Barrett Communications Director is doing all the messaging against the RGA.   This is a sign a part of the Democrat Party infastructure has been caught flat-footed and why the Dems are down in the polls in 28 out of 37 governor races including Wisconsin.


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