About Mike Tate Watch

Mike Tate Watch is an dedicated website that monitors, exposes, and holds accountable Mike Tate the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s current Chairman.  As Chairman Tate is given a free pass to spew his dirty and deceptive messaging, this site provides people insight on why Chairman Tate conducts his business that way.

At a time when people in Wisconsin worry about the future, Wisconsin needs someone who will hold accountable the people in politics who mess and a make a mockery through the state’s policy debates.  Mike Tate has demonstrated this since he was elected Chairman in June of 2009.

We always welcome your tips and suggestions.  Please send any tips to miketatewatch@gmail.com and we will do our best to look at it.

Also, we are on twitter @miketatewatch and there is a YouTube channel being set-up.


3 responses to “About Mike Tate Watch

  1. Graeme Zielinski

    The Walker interns have a lot of time on their hands. Keep giving us sugar plums like this, boys!

  2. That guy just can’t seem to get enough of Chairman Tate. They needed a whole site devoted to the DPW chair. It’s a little sick, really.

  3. Wow, I never knew that somebody with my name was so hated.

    BTW I’m a member of the DFL party in neighboring Minnesota, but originally from Wisconsin.

    Go namesake!

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