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Even the DPW admits they like going to the strip club.

Mike Tate Watch listened to Graeme Zielinski’s interview on the Pat Snyder Show in which the Communications Director and former journalist  used “we’ll meet you at the strip club” reference. Zielinski also said during the interview,  “we love going to the strip club”.

Even when Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski rail on the RNC for spending their money at a bondage club in West Hollywood, the Dems fall into their own double talk saying they like to go to strip clubs.  We sure hoped the DPW stimulated the economy of Madison area strip clubs during convention weekend in a positive way.  Our only hope is that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin did not use DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s credit cards at the strip club.  The DNC Chairman was the special guest for the annual convention.  If the DPW wanted to please Chairman Kaine at the strip club, then it should be done with their own credit cards and not the DNC’s.


Is Mark Neumann a closet Democrat?

The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has a video up of Mark Neumann when being interviewed outside of the Democratic State Convention in Middleton saying he would limit outside political speech.

Mark Neumann said to the reporters:

“I think they should shut down every outside source of information in this campaign except the candidates themselves…Whether that’s not constitutional so we obviously can’t do that. But if Mark Neumann got to have what he wished, that’s what would happen, sir.”

After listening to this video, you can think Mark Neumann is a closet Democrat by having a stance similar to Chuckie Schumer, Patrick Leahy, and Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform. Neumann’s statement would make Mike Tate smiling proud on campaign finance reform in his corner.  Maybe it shows that we may have Wisconsin’s own “Benedict Arlen” Specter in Mark Neumann.

The audio of Mike Tate’s infamous conventon flap.

Thanks to the good folks at the Charlie Sykes show, we have a link to the audio of Mike Tate’s “Barack Obama flap” at the 2010 DPW State Convention.

After listening to this anyone would agree that this would rate as one of the worst Democratic convention gaffes next to Jimmy Carter’s 1980 balloon flap making Teddy Kennedy look grand.

Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip at Convention

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention of 2010 will be remembered for one key moment, Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip praising Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan for “cleaning up Barack Obama’s economic disaster”.

From all the lies along with dirty and deceptive messaging, it seems that reality has caught up to Chairman Mike Tate.  For a state convention that was full of lies and pandering, had a microphone go out, and lackluster attendance it shows the Dems are doing anything to hide this blunder of a convention. This ranks similar to when Jimmy Carter did not have the balloons drop in time during the infamous 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York City.

The highly respected Larry Sabato has more bad news for Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democrats.

The highly respected Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia is again the bearer of bad news for Chairman Mike Tate the week before the State Convention in Middleton.  Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has Wisconsin as a Leaning Republican Takeover which has been consistent with his previous ratings taken during this year.

When giving his assessment on Tom Barrett, Sabato said that “high personal approval is not enough to win the statehouse.”   The latest ratings from the most respected political mind in the nation should serve as a reminder that his party’s policies are not winning over Wisconsin.  Also, the same statement from Dr. Sabato would resonate on Mayor Barrett’s lack of aggressiveness to keep MillerCoors and Harley Davidson in Wisconsin.

Poll after poll this year has shown already that Wisconsin has had enough of the Democrat’s taxing, spending, and regulation on steroids mentality.   Dr. Sabato’s latest analysis seconds our challenge to Chairman Tate to talk to any of the 174,000 unemployed Wisconsinites who think they are better off now then at the beginning of the 2009 legislative session.   The anwsers he would hear from these people would be the truth that the Democrats have failed Wisconsin.

The lessons we learned in California and why Wisconsin cannot afford to be another California.

Last week, Mike Tate Watch spent some quality time in the State of California which currently is a state in fiscal abyss.  After spending a week in Los Angeles, we seen first hand the challenges of what Californians face as they await a key primary election in the upcoming days to decide the future of the state.

From talking with friends we know in California, the number one issue on their minds is the state budget.   California has the highest budget deficit in the U.S. according to the Pew Center on the States. Wisconsin unfortunately is in striking distance from California on its problems in the state budget in the same ratings from the Pew Center. The number one issue that brought California to the brink is excessive spending.  This was done by disgraced U.S. Senate candidate and former Schwarzenegger Finance Director Tom Campbell  in 2005.  Campbell loaded the budget full of spending and higher taxes.   The Democrats in Wisconsin unfortunately took the same cues from California which is to spend.  The first thing if Wisconsin needs to do to get its fiscal order is not act like California politicians who spend with no limit.  The highly respected California Legislative Analyst’s Office in 2005 told Campbell that California’s countless spending would lead to persistent multi-million dollar operating deficits in the best of times. No matter who wins the Governor’s race this year, the 2011 state budget will not be sitting pretty and the harsh, painful budget cuts past governors in both parties failed to do will be on the menu next year.

Other than taxes, the other big issue California faces is excess regulations.  The same people we talked to in California have said that the excessive taxation and regulation are two large systemic cancers to California’s economy.   The regulation madness are a reason why people are waking up and realizing why career politicians like Barbara Boxer and RINO’s like Carly Fiorina  are no good for California.  Despite people consider California a blue state, Californians are craving for real fiscal conservatives like Chuck DeVore who have a strong shot of defeating Barbara Boxer.

Unfortunately back in Wisconsin, Democrats under Mike Tate have taken California’s lead too on regulation.  Excessive taxation, litigation, and regulation are a reason why companies like Gardner-Denver, Briggs and Stratton, and many others have left Wisconsin for states like Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Virginia.  The Clean Energy Jobs Act had a sneaky provision that would use California’s vehicle emission standards to determine Wisconsin’s standards. If the bill passed, Wisconsin would have became another California.

We can go on and on, but if Democrats led by Mike Tate think that what is done in California is good for Wisconsin, there is a problem.  A serious problem as Wisconsin businesses are leaving, over 174,000 people lost their jobs in the last legislative session, and politicians who are not listening the concerns of people in Wisconsin.   No matter what type of message Chairman Tate spins at convention next week, Mike Tate will have serious questions to answer.   Questions from Wisconsinites who are wondering if Mike Tate is going to make Wisconsin the next California?  A position that Wisconsin cannot afford to be in.

The party bosses in Madison and D.C. may decide who runs against Sean Duffy

Two days since Dave Obey announced his retirement, there are reports surfacing that the person that may get picked to challenge Obey could come down to the Democratic Party power brokers in Washington, D.C. and Madison.

In Wednesday’s edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said to the newspaper that he wants to do all he can to avoid a September primary to decide the nominee. With the tip of the hat to Uppity Wisconsin, they have mentioned a WisPolitics report that indicates Congressman Chris Van Hollen and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee may have the ultimate say on who challenges Sean Duffy.  What Congressman Van Hollen does to pick a challenger will come to the royal assent of Mr. Obey.

From these two reports, we can tell that the challenger to Sean Duffy on the Democratic side may be decided by Illinois-style patronage politics.  This type of maneuver could cause a big uproar between party activists at next month’s state convention in Middleton.   The convention delegates may not be happy that the party insiders will be making the decision on who to support in which voters and convention delegates who reside in the 7th Congressional District should be able to decide.

This issue is one of many issues Chairman Tate needs to answer at next month’s state convention.  When you have a party that is divided on reforming Milwaukee Public Schools, a lieutenant governor sweepstakes in limbo, and the possibility that the replacement to the Wisconsin Democrats standard bearer is picked by D.C. insiders shows that there are serious issues evident in the DPW.

We are only two months and six days away from the filing deadline for congressional candidates.  Only time will tell what  happens in these waiting days on not who just challenges Sean Duffy, but who is going to come through with the highest gratification to the DNC and DCCC brass in return for their anointed candidate.