Mike Tate Watch Salutes the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks

Mike Tate Watch in its series of salutes to organizations and people who do the right thing gives its salute to the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.  The leaders of the Blackhawks exemplify the American Dream proving you can pick yourself up and do great things.  That is when Rocky Wirtz, the team’s owner reversed a backwards culture into a positive culture when he first took over in 2007.  After reversing his father’s backwards policies, the Hawks came from the bottom feeders of the league to winning the most prized trophy in sports, the Stanley Cup in three short years.

Rocky Wirtz and the entire Blackhawks organization resemble real American values, the same values we fight for every day at Mike Tate Watch.  We are proud fans of the Blackhawks and we salute them on their impressive Stanley Cup victory.


Tater-Tot List Profiles: Bill Brady and Jason Plummer IL Governor/Lt. Governor

The next candidate we are highlighting in our Tater-Tot list profiles is the Bill Brady-Jason Plummer ticket for Illinois Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Brady and Plummer are not typical moderate Illinois Republicans that people have come to disapprove of.   They are a true conservative ticket that is giving people in the Land of Lincoln a reason to believe in their state again.   Bill Brady won a crowded primary in February which was demonstrated by a strong ground attack from his grassroots team.   The difference was defeating Republican-in-name-only  Kirk Dillard by less than 100 votes.   Dillard was infamous for his support of Barack Obama.   Jason Plummer won the Lieutenant Governor primary by a strong margin.

As many people in Illinois are growing tired of the politics of the Blagojevich-Quinn administration,  they are looking for a reason to believe in their state again.  Bill Brady is not from Chicago and is a business owner from Downstate Illinois who shares and lives our conservative values.  As Illinois is dealing with Gov. Pat Quinn’s ineptitude of handling the state budget, Bill Brady and Jason Plummer have used this to their advantage to sell to the voters that they represent real change.

We think Bill Brady, if elected, will be an excellent ally with other Midwest conservative governors in helping get the region to regain its economic dominance.  It is these reasons alone why the Tater-Tot List is proud to endorse Bill Brady and Jason Plummer for Illinois Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip at Convention

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention of 2010 will be remembered for one key moment, Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip praising Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan for “cleaning up Barack Obama’s economic disaster”.

From all the lies along with dirty and deceptive messaging, it seems that reality has caught up to Chairman Mike Tate.  For a state convention that was full of lies and pandering, had a microphone go out, and lackluster attendance it shows the Dems are doing anything to hide this blunder of a convention. This ranks similar to when Jimmy Carter did not have the balloons drop in time during the infamous 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York City.

Mike Tate is the real diva in his empty press release attacking Sean Duffy.

As Sean Duffy announced today that he will step down as Ashland County District Attorney to run his congressional campaign full-fledged, Chairman Mike Tate  issued a empty press release calling Sean Duffy a diva.

Duffy did the same honorable move like Bob McDonnell did during his run for Governor last year by resigning as Virginia’s Attorney General saying that the people deserve someone full-time running the state’s law firm. Duffy is correct in his reasoning that someone full-time needs to run Ashland County’s law firm known as the District Attorney’s office.

Mike Tate is the real diva  in this whole matter.  Tate is acting like a VH-1 diva who wants  to say anything to keep hold on the 7th Congressional District in order to impress the crowd at the DNC.  With  no Associated Press writer picking up the DPW’s empty press release, now we know why the mainstream media in Wisconsin does not want to listen to political leaders who act like whiny VH-1 divas like Mike Tate.

The highly respected Larry Sabato has more bad news for Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democrats.

The highly respected Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia is again the bearer of bad news for Chairman Mike Tate the week before the State Convention in Middleton.  Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has Wisconsin as a Leaning Republican Takeover which has been consistent with his previous ratings taken during this year.

When giving his assessment on Tom Barrett, Sabato said that “high personal approval is not enough to win the statehouse.”   The latest ratings from the most respected political mind in the nation should serve as a reminder that his party’s policies are not winning over Wisconsin.  Also, the same statement from Dr. Sabato would resonate on Mayor Barrett’s lack of aggressiveness to keep MillerCoors and Harley Davidson in Wisconsin.

Poll after poll this year has shown already that Wisconsin has had enough of the Democrat’s taxing, spending, and regulation on steroids mentality.   Dr. Sabato’s latest analysis seconds our challenge to Chairman Tate to talk to any of the 174,000 unemployed Wisconsinites who think they are better off now then at the beginning of the 2009 legislative session.   The anwsers he would hear from these people would be the truth that the Democrats have failed Wisconsin.

The lessons we learned in California and why Wisconsin cannot afford to be another California.

Last week, Mike Tate Watch spent some quality time in the State of California which currently is a state in fiscal abyss.  After spending a week in Los Angeles, we seen first hand the challenges of what Californians face as they await a key primary election in the upcoming days to decide the future of the state.

From talking with friends we know in California, the number one issue on their minds is the state budget.   California has the highest budget deficit in the U.S. according to the Pew Center on the States. Wisconsin unfortunately is in striking distance from California on its problems in the state budget in the same ratings from the Pew Center. The number one issue that brought California to the brink is excessive spending.  This was done by disgraced U.S. Senate candidate and former Schwarzenegger Finance Director Tom Campbell  in 2005.  Campbell loaded the budget full of spending and higher taxes.   The Democrats in Wisconsin unfortunately took the same cues from California which is to spend.  The first thing if Wisconsin needs to do to get its fiscal order is not act like California politicians who spend with no limit.  The highly respected California Legislative Analyst’s Office in 2005 told Campbell that California’s countless spending would lead to persistent multi-million dollar operating deficits in the best of times. No matter who wins the Governor’s race this year, the 2011 state budget will not be sitting pretty and the harsh, painful budget cuts past governors in both parties failed to do will be on the menu next year.

Other than taxes, the other big issue California faces is excess regulations.  The same people we talked to in California have said that the excessive taxation and regulation are two large systemic cancers to California’s economy.   The regulation madness are a reason why people are waking up and realizing why career politicians like Barbara Boxer and RINO’s like Carly Fiorina  are no good for California.  Despite people consider California a blue state, Californians are craving for real fiscal conservatives like Chuck DeVore who have a strong shot of defeating Barbara Boxer.

Unfortunately back in Wisconsin, Democrats under Mike Tate have taken California’s lead too on regulation.  Excessive taxation, litigation, and regulation are a reason why companies like Gardner-Denver, Briggs and Stratton, and many others have left Wisconsin for states like Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Virginia.  The Clean Energy Jobs Act had a sneaky provision that would use California’s vehicle emission standards to determine Wisconsin’s standards. If the bill passed, Wisconsin would have became another California.

We can go on and on, but if Democrats led by Mike Tate think that what is done in California is good for Wisconsin, there is a problem.  A serious problem as Wisconsin businesses are leaving, over 174,000 people lost their jobs in the last legislative session, and politicians who are not listening the concerns of people in Wisconsin.   No matter what type of message Chairman Tate spins at convention next week, Mike Tate will have serious questions to answer.   Questions from Wisconsinites who are wondering if Mike Tate is going to make Wisconsin the next California?  A position that Wisconsin cannot afford to be in.

Tater Tot List Candidate Profile-Chuck DeVore for California US Senate

Mike Tate Watch’s Tater-Tot List is beginning to profile candidates we have endorsed so you can learn more about the candidates we support.  Today, we profile California GOP US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore.   Despite the California GOP Senate primary is a three-way race, the endorsement was pretty clear-cut to us by the credentials each of the candidates possessed.

Chuck DeVore is the real-deal for conservatives.  Unlike Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell who have tendencies of liberal Republicans, DeVore has a background that is second to none.  DeVore who is currently a State Assemblyman and an Army Veteran of over 20 years has been a consistent, conservative voice against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his economic killing policies.  DeVore has served in the Reagan Administration and has the clearest conservative platform over Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell.

Tom Campbell was Schwarzenegger’s former Budget Director and crafted a state budget that put California in its current fiscal nightmare. Fiorina has had a very questionable record as HP CEO and supports full-blown taxation of the internet which we vehemently oppose. Fiorina has also been in support of the bailouts before saying she was against them.

The only conservative in the race to defeat Barbara Boxer is Chuck DeVore and Mike Tate Watch is proud to endorse his candidacy for the US Senate.   We look forward to next week’s “Super Tuesday” primary as California and a handful of states will have key primary elections.  If you want to donate to the DeVore campaign, please visit http://www.chuckdevore.com