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Even the DPW admits they like going to the strip club.

Mike Tate Watch listened to Graeme Zielinski’s interview on the Pat Snyder Show in which the Communications Director and former journalist  used “we’ll meet you at the strip club” reference. Zielinski also said during the interview,  “we love going to the strip club”.

Even when Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski rail on the RNC for spending their money at a bondage club in West Hollywood, the Dems fall into their own double talk saying they like to go to strip clubs.  We sure hoped the DPW stimulated the economy of Madison area strip clubs during convention weekend in a positive way.  Our only hope is that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin did not use DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s credit cards at the strip club.  The DNC Chairman was the special guest for the annual convention.  If the DPW wanted to please Chairman Kaine at the strip club, then it should be done with their own credit cards and not the DNC’s.


Mike Tate is the real diva in his empty press release attacking Sean Duffy.

As Sean Duffy announced today that he will step down as Ashland County District Attorney to run his congressional campaign full-fledged, Chairman Mike Tate  issued a empty press release calling Sean Duffy a diva.

Duffy did the same honorable move like Bob McDonnell did during his run for Governor last year by resigning as Virginia’s Attorney General saying that the people deserve someone full-time running the state’s law firm. Duffy is correct in his reasoning that someone full-time needs to run Ashland County’s law firm known as the District Attorney’s office.

Mike Tate is the real diva  in this whole matter.  Tate is acting like a VH-1 diva who wants  to say anything to keep hold on the 7th Congressional District in order to impress the crowd at the DNC.  With  no Associated Press writer picking up the DPW’s empty press release, now we know why the mainstream media in Wisconsin does not want to listen to political leaders who act like whiny VH-1 divas like Mike Tate.

The highly respected Larry Sabato has more bad news for Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democrats.

The highly respected Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia is again the bearer of bad news for Chairman Mike Tate the week before the State Convention in Middleton.  Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has Wisconsin as a Leaning Republican Takeover which has been consistent with his previous ratings taken during this year.

When giving his assessment on Tom Barrett, Sabato said that “high personal approval is not enough to win the statehouse.”   The latest ratings from the most respected political mind in the nation should serve as a reminder that his party’s policies are not winning over Wisconsin.  Also, the same statement from Dr. Sabato would resonate on Mayor Barrett’s lack of aggressiveness to keep MillerCoors and Harley Davidson in Wisconsin.

Poll after poll this year has shown already that Wisconsin has had enough of the Democrat’s taxing, spending, and regulation on steroids mentality.   Dr. Sabato’s latest analysis seconds our challenge to Chairman Tate to talk to any of the 174,000 unemployed Wisconsinites who think they are better off now then at the beginning of the 2009 legislative session.   The anwsers he would hear from these people would be the truth that the Democrats have failed Wisconsin.

Mike Tate is pursuing frivolous campaign finance complaints against Walker Harley Ride

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Chairman is acting pretty delusional over Scott Walker and the County Executives Ride. Since last year, Chairman Tate has acted pretty delusional over this issue as he has tried to find a way to derail Walker but failed miserably in doing so.   In the past two years both the Milwaukee County Ethics Board and this year the Government Accountability Board gave Walker the clearance to do this popular event.

Mike Tate’s actions reflect the statement former Oklahoma football star and U.S. Congressman J.C. Watts said on Democrats: “when Democrats can’t win on the issues they will call you a liar, a racist, a  bigot, or they will sue you.”   J.C. Watts could not be anymore right and if he saw Mike Tate, the former Sooner Football legend would make an example out of him.

Mike Tate and his extreme left wing special interest buddies are going to get a high off this issue.  However, if Scott Walker already had the ethics clearance to do this popular event  in the midst of his Governor’s campaign, then we know Chairman Tate is desperate.  The desperation comes as he is trying to hide from the public the deals he has had made with Washington insiders who are trying to rig the political process in Wisconsin by denying a Democratic primary in the 7th Congressional district.

This Sidney Crosby-type political maneuver shows Chairman Tate is running fast from the fact that people in Wisconsin have had enough of his dirty and deceptive tactics.  All Tate is trying to do is winning instant gratification from DNC Chairman Tim Kaine in time for  next month’s state convention in Middleton.

Mike Tate runs a fast one on Scott Walker and law enforcement

Just as Mike Tate continues to deflect scrutiny over allowing the Washington insiders to pick the candidate to challenge Sean Duffy, comes a fast lie from the Dems about the 2011 state budget and law enforcement.

Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski are guilty of the same lies we exposed on One Wisconsin Now last week claiming that the state budget gap would get worse under Scott Walker. However, the Dems have no evidence whatsoever from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to support their claims.

The one thing Chairman Tate should look at is the ineptness Tom Barrett shown on the Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments in the last budget battle.   Tom Barrett put Police officers and Firefighters at risk in Milwaukee by furloughing them in which Barrett’s administration got sued by the unions representing the Police in a federal court. Also, Today’s TMJ 4’s Aaron Diamant exposed Mayor Barrett failing to stop Police administrators from wasting $17 million dollars of taxpayer money on a Police radio system that is not working. In 2007, Mayor Barrett was also criticized on being silent when the City of Milwaukee had dealt with increasing crime rates in which put Milwaukee in a negative light with the national media.

This is nothing but classical political pandering from Chairman Tate who tries to claim Tom Barrett is a public safety champion while in reality he is making life more difficult for the men and women that protect Milwaukee’s citizens.

Chairman Tate is delusional about Sean Duffy and Job Creation

Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate has now acted a bit delusional about Sean Duffy and the stimulus. In another extravagant press release, Mike Tate stated:

Has Sean Duffy turned a corner to supporting the working families of Wisconsin?

If his comments this week in support of economic stimulus provisions authored by Congressman Dave Obey are any indication, there may be hope yet for the Republican challenger.

On Tuesday, Duffy released a statement in which he said, “Jobs are created by individuals and by the small businesses that are looking to grow…By focusing on middle class tax cuts and reducing government regulations and taxation of small businesses, we can get the economy growing again.”

And that’s exactly what Congressman Obey has done-DPW Press Release.

Sean Duffy has been opposed to the $787 million dollar stimulus all throughout this Congressional campaign. Just because Duffy  says middle class, doesn’t say he supports the stimulus bill.

Maybe after our blog posts exposing Chairman Tate’s lies on Sean Duffy, the youngest Democrat Party Chairman in the nation may be turning more delusional by the day to not admit the fact many political handicappers have the race leaning Republican.

Chairman Tate will do anything to score a fast goal on the Wisconsin people when already people in the 7th district think of him as another Vancouver Canuck reject who does not represent Wisconsin values.

Creigh “Dirty” Deeds mentor to speak at the 2010 WI Democratic Convention

Yesterday, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin released its list of speakers for its 2010 State Convention which will be in June at the Marriott Madison West in Middleton.  The keynote speaker is the mentor to 2009 Virginia Democratic Governor nominee Creigh Deeds, former Governor Tim Kaine.

We all know Creigh Deeds led one of the most negative gubernatorial campaigns in U.S. history with his dirty and deceptive messaging last year in which he bred off of former Governor Kaine.   Now with Kaine who serves as the DNC Chairman, what type of extravagant, dirty, and deceptive messaging will Chairman Tate offer to impress the brass at the DNC?   How serious the media will report on the DNC Chairman coming into Wisconsin?  Not that serious, when Mike Tate Watch has confirmed with various media outlets across Wisconsin that they are skeptical of picking up any sensationalized press release Graeme Zielinksi writes.  The message we were told by reporters in Wisconsin is that they consider Graeme Zielinksi a big time liability to the DPW.

Maybe we will hear more nonsense attacks towards Scott Walker and Sean Duffy in which the mainstream media will treat more of Governor Kaine’s visit as comedy and less as serious politics.