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Is Mark Neumann a closet Democrat?

The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has a video up of Mark Neumann when being interviewed outside of the Democratic State Convention in Middleton saying he would limit outside political speech.

Mark Neumann said to the reporters:

“I think they should shut down every outside source of information in this campaign except the candidates themselves…Whether that’s not constitutional so we obviously can’t do that. But if Mark Neumann got to have what he wished, that’s what would happen, sir.”

After listening to this video, you can think Mark Neumann is a closet Democrat by having a stance similar to Chuckie Schumer, Patrick Leahy, and Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform. Neumann’s statement would make Mike Tate smiling proud on campaign finance reform in his corner.  Maybe it shows that we may have Wisconsin’s own “Benedict Arlen” Specter in Mark Neumann.


More evidence shows that Harley Davidson took a hit from combined reporting

As the Democrats in Wisconsin fail to take responsibility for passing the corporate combined reporting tax, a great piece comes from 620 WTMJ exposes that Harley Davidson was hit by combined reporting and not what the hyper-partisan One Wisconsin Now claims in a press release issued Friday.

The report from 620 WTMJ revealed that Harley Davidson’s effective tax rate increased over 10 percent because of the implementation of the  combined reporting tax. The increase was just in the first quarter of 2009 alone.  Also, the same WTMJ report exposed that during a company conference call  the new combined tax rate was a reason for 400 jobs lost in 2009 according to company officials.   From that indication, this is a reason why their labor costs have increased over the last year putting the well-known company into making  a decision that could ship many family supporting jobs to other states like Kentucky, Indiana, or Nevada.

Also, One Wisconsin Now stretches an analysis of the pending 2011-2012 Wisconsin State Budget from the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau in which they claim that Scott Walker or Mark Neumann would increase the budget deficit if combined reporting is repealed.  However, the LFB has not done an analysis on any proposed Walker or Neumann budget which exposes a big, whopping, sensational lie from a group connected to liberal billionaire George Soros.

The liberal bloggers and special interest groups will do or say anything to avoid taking responsibility on the Harley issue.   Mike Tate Watch has already exposed Democrats and their liberal allies passing the buck on the Harley issue. One Wisconsin Now’s lies and distortions is the latest liberal whopper exposed in which the extreme-left will continue to say anything in order to keep pressing a divisive class-warfare agenda that Wisconsin is harshly rejecting.   The hits just keep on coming.