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Comparing GOP candidates to Miss USA Contestants is nonsense.

As the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is desperate to get attention with a record-breaking Republican Party of Wisconsin state convention this weekend, Chairman Tate tries to say that Miss USA contestants including Miss Oklahoma have more substance than the entire state GOP ticket.  That is total spin and nonsense coming from the State Chairman. 

When Chairman Tate tries to press the Wisconsin media to ask the same questions the Miss USA finalists were asked, how about Chairman Tate awnser some hard questions of our own in which you will never hear at  the Miss USA pagent  like:

1. What was your role with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in hand-picking Julie Lassa as Sean Duffy’s challenger behind closed doors?

2. Will you rely on the DCCC to campaign effectively for your chosen candidates in key congressional seats when they have wasted a lot money in the Hawaii-1 Congressional special election that is about seeing a Democratic strong seat flip to red due to party infighting?

3. How do you talk your party’s record of economic abyss to any of the 174,000 Wisconsinites that were unemployed in the last legislative session?

4. Are you going to enlist unions like the SEIU to do the dirty work of the Democratic Governor’s Association when they are sorely lacking on cash on hand behind the Republican Governor’s Association?

5. Will you commit during the last five and half months of the election cycle to refrain from using racial references and slurs in official DPW press releases and press conferences?

To return the favor, any of the Miss USA finalists will do a better job anwsering these questions over how Chairman Tate or Graeme Zielinski would anwser these questions.  Even if it takes Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson to get these anwsers, we look forward to hearing from Chairman Tate or Graeme Zielinski to anwsering our questions for the good of Wisconsin.