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The DGA’s money woes are making Wisconsin Democrats scared

Becoming the only blog in Wisconsin that has discredited Team Barrett’s rapid response attack ad on the Republican Governor’s Association, we expose the real reason why Team Barrett is in rapid response mode every time the RGA places an ad in Wisconsin.  

The Democratic Governor’s Association promised in November of 2009 to conduct a “defensive” race in Wisconsin.  However, the DGA has not been in full force because of their money woes in other states.  One proof is a recent column in a Nebraska newspaper.  The column exposes party officials in the Cornhusker State expressing their disgust for their party’s nominee along with the DGA for not spending enough money on candidate recruitment.     During the last fundraising period, the DGA was out-raised by the RGA along with having $9.2 milion dollars less cash on hand according to April 2010 fundraising reports.   Also, the proof is  in the pudding of the DGA’s failures that include wasting  money in last year’s New Jersey and Virginia Governors races along with the recent Super Tuesday primaries.  The DGA’s shoddy results come  from priortizing more money on television ad buys over diversifying their funds on not just ad buys, but candidate recrutiment along with the ground game. 

Mike Tate Watch got hold of two campaign fundraising e-mails from the Barrett Campaign making their fundraising pleas this week after the RGA placed an ad in Wisconsin.   Anyone can tell Team Barrett’s desperation for money from reading the e-mails as they do not want to admit to Wisconsin voters that one of the national campaign arms that would help Barrett out is seriously lacking on money. 

You would expect Mike Tate to put out his always extravagant press release attacking the RGA, but is he scared of the RGA’s strength nationwide while the DGA coughs up money in every other state?  Only if Phil Walzak, the Team Barrett Communications Director is doing all the messaging against the RGA.   This is a sign a part of the Democrat Party infastructure has been caught flat-footed and why the Dems are down in the polls in 28 out of 37 governor races including Wisconsin.


Barrett Campaign missed the net in its rapid response ad against the RGA.

There has been a lot of spin going around with the Republican Governor’s Association and the Barrett Campaign.  This comes from a  deceptive rapid-response ad the Barrett Camp did in response to an ad the RGA did in Colorado.

From looking at the ad  the RGA did to criticize Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, here is the evidence that supports the RGA’s claims and discrediting Team Barrett’s rapid response ad.

Claim 1-Frontier Airlines CEO: Denver Taxes Too High.  That is true, the CEO of Frontier’s Parent company Republic Airways Brian Bedford said in The Denver Post that taxes were a major reason why Frontier moved its operations to Milwaukee.

Source: The Denver Post, November 15, 2009

Claim 2-Now a Democratic Candidate in Another State Confirms Hickenlooper’s failure.  This is the part where all the liberal groups and the Barrett Campaign is salivating about.  All the RGA did is use a Barrett Campaign ad to confirm Frontier Airlines moved to Milwaukee in which a handle of a November 10, 2009 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel appeared on the ad.  Also, the same Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article quoted Republic’s CEO that taxes were a reason why Republic moved operations out of Denver.  There was no mention of praise towards Mayor Tom Barrett whatsoever in the ad despite the Barrett ad was used by the RGA.    Just because the RGA says one thing doesn’t give Team Barrett a license to spin the truth.

These facts prove that Barrett’s Campaign was totally deceptive in its rapid response ad against the Republican Governor’s Association.  The only person we should thank for bringing 800 jobs to Milwaukee is Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.   Hickenlooper’s loss is Wisconsin’s gain period.   This proves why in Claim #3 that John Hickenlooper is an Economic Development Machine for Milwaukee.

Phil Walzak, the Communications Director for Team Barrett may think he had it his way in a rapid-response attack.  But, if shooting rapid response ads were part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Walcak would be the Cristiano Ronaldo of political rapid response.

The RGA has a new ad that hits home the truth on Barrett

The good folks at the Republican Governor’s Association  has a new online video that hits home the truth on Tom Barrett, and a warning for Wisconsin Taxpayers.

The new video catches Tom Barrett looking at someones wallet meaning that he will raise your taxes. That is demonstrated by his record that he has raised taxes in the State Legislature, as Milwaukee Mayor, and as a Congressman. If you are a Wisconsin Taxpayer, you should hide your wallet after seeing this ad.  That is because Tom Barrett will be looking for your wallet to fund his sham “Putting Madison on a Diet” plan.  The plan sounds more like Madison using Dunkin’ Donuts to lose weight as a smokescreen to fund its big spending programs.

This is the ad that the Wisconsin Democrats fear seeing.