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The verdict’s in….Russ Feingold broke campaign finance laws in 1998

As the U.S. Senate blocked the Russ Feingold sponsored DISCLOSE Act yesterday, many Wisconsinites don’t know  that Feingold broke the laws he championed for in 1998.

According to records obtained from the Federal Election Commission, the Feingold Campaign blatantly violated the 48 hour rule.  The rule requires all campaigns to report all contributions over $1,000 to the FEC within 48 hours.  This is in effect during the last 20 days of the election. 

Evidence in the 56 page complaint found the campaign failed to disclose 41 contributions totaling over $54,726.73.  A good chunk of the contributions came from labor union PAC’s which would be exempted from  the DISCLOSE Act if it became law.

The following are the contributions Feingold failed to report in the last 20 days of the 1998 election:

Name                                                                Date                    Amount
AFL-CIO Education Cmt’e PAC         10/15/1998        $3,000
Committee for Dem Action PAC    10/15/1998        $1,000
Polaris Industries PAC                          10/15/1998        $1,000
Retired Federal Employees PAC       10/15/1998        $5,000
Sharon Canter                                           10/15/1998        $1,000
James Crow                                                10/15/1998        $1,000
Peter Perlman                                           10/15/1998        $1,000
Ron Thorstad                                            10/15/1998        $1,000
Richard Villasenor                                  10/15/1998        $1,000
Daniel Wallach                                          10/15/1998        $1,000
Roy Zuckerberg                                        10/15/1998        $1,000
FIRSTPLUS Financial PAC                  10/16/1998        $1,000
Georgia Peach PAC                                  10/16/1998        $1,000
H. Fisk Johnson                                         10/16/1998        $1,000   
Progressive Politics Network              10/16/1998        $1,000   
Transport Workers Union PAC         10/16/1998        $2,500
Benjamin Harris                                        10/19/1998        $1,000   
Michael Spector                                         10/19/1998        $1,000
National Auto Dealers PAC                  10/19/1998        $5,000
North Central Ampi, Inc. PAC            10/19/1998        $5,000
Treasury Employees PAC                    10/19/1998        $2,000
Michael Allured                                         10/21/1998        $1,000
Mark Dayton                                               10/21/1998        $1,000
Irwin Berkley                                              10/23/1998        $1,000
Deborah Bouknight                                  10/26/1998        $1,000
Laura Chasin                                                10/26/1998        $1,000
Richard Chasin                                           10/26/1998        $1,000
Joanne Crown                                            10/26/1998        $1,000
Terrence Metvhill                                    10/26/1998        $1,000
Nancy Meyer                                              10/26/1998        $1,000
Nat’l Cmt’e to Preserve SS PAC          10/26/1998        $1,226.73-In Kind
Jonathan Soros                                           10/26/1998        $1,000
Frederick Wade                                          10/26/1998        $1,000
Marc Weiss                                                   10/26/1998        $1,000
Nancy Pinter                                                10/27/1998        $1,000
Tom Yin                                                          10/28/1998        $1,000
Ann Sperry                                                    10/29/1998        $1,000
Elizabeth F. Bragley                                   10/30/1998        $1,000
Arjay Miller                                                   10/30/1998        $1,000
Frances Miller                                               10/30/1998        $1,000
Andrea Soros                                                 10/30/1998        $1,000

There are some notable contributions that Feingold failed to disclose including  Andrea and Jonathan Soros, children of liberal billionaire George Soros.   In addition,  Feingold failed to disclose donations coming from the heir of S.C. Johnson Wax, a current member of the UW System Board of Regents, and one of the original owners of Thorstad Chevrolet in Madison

Also, Feingold accepted money from the defunct FIRSTPLUS Financial PAC.  FIRSTPLUS was a disgraced mortgage company that was tied to Philadelphia mobster  Nicodermo Scarfo, Jr.  In addition, Feingold accepted money from the Polaris PAC.  Polaris recently moved operations out of Wisconsin. 

Any campaign found in violation of the 48 hour rule is fined $110 plus ten percent of each contribution that violated the rule.    The Feingold Campaign accepted a settlement from the FEC in 1999 and was fined $9,000.

The evidence we presented  is what Senator Feingold doesn’t want to tell voters while he presses the Senate to pass the DISCLOSE Act.  It’s time Feingold comes clean to the voters and owns up to his own hypocrisy on campaign finance reform.   The hypocrisy that labor unions win big at the expense of stifling political free speech for the rest of us. 


Mike Tate desperatley attacks Ron Johnson before he announces his candidacy.

Just before potential U.S. Senate candidate  Ron Johnson has issued any campaign press release of any kind, Chairman Mike Tate issued a press release on Friday attacking him.

As Johnson hired Darrin Schmitz and Juston Johnson to lead his campaign, this  does not entitle Chairman Tate to link Johnson to an isolated incident that the Oshkosh businessman has no relation to.  Tate claimed Johnson is hiring a “hatchet job operative” in Schmitz over a campaign ad the communications consultant produced for Mike Gableman in the 2008 State Supreme Court race.

The attack indicates that Chairman Tate is stretching the truth in desperation.  Ron Johnson could be the Democrats worst nightmare  as he has the resources and a true, clean break to defeat Russ Feingold if he decides to run.  Many political experts including Dick Morris believe if a quality candidate emerges in Wisconsin to challenge Feingold, then it could be the breakthrough seat for the GOP to retain control of the U.S. Senate.

Tate’s slippery slope attack indicates that the Democrats will have uphill fight to maintain control this year across the entire ticket.   Dave Obey’s retirement on Wednesday proves that the task to maintain control will not get any easier in the last six months before election day.