Tater-Tot List-Candidates We Endorse

The Tater Tot list is a list of candidates Mike Tate Watch endorses.  We are endorsing candidates in Wisconsin and races of interest across the nation that exemplify Wisconsin and American values.  Values such as fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility,  a commitment to their people and to economic prosperity no matter where you come from.  We have links to their websites so you can learn more about their campaigns and to give any financial support they would appreciate.

Wisconsin Candidates


Scott Walker

Lt. Governor

Brett Davis

Attorney General

JB Van Hollen

Secretary of State

Rev. David King

U.S. Congress

CD-1-Paul Ryan

CD2-Chad David Lee

CD 3-Dan Kapanke

CD 4-Dan Sebring

CD 5-F. James (Jim) Jim Sensenbrenner

CD 7-Sean Duffy


Wisconsin U.S. Senate

Ron Johnson

Other Races of Interest we endorse nationwide

U.S. Senate Races-Our picks to take back the US Senate

Arkansas U.S. Senate

John Boozman

California U.S. Senate

Chuck DeVore

Colorado U.S. Senate

Ken Buck

Delaware U.S. Senate

Mike Castle

Florida U.S. Senate

Marco Rubio

Indiana U.S. Senate

Dan Coats

Kentucky U.S. Senate-Won GOP Primary

Rand Paul

Nevada U.S. Senate

Sharron Angle

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate-Won GOP Primary

Pat Toomey

South Carolina U.S. Senate

Jim DeMint

Texas U.S. Senate

Michael Williams

Governors Races

Illinois Governor/Lt. Governor

Bill Brady and Jason Plummer

Ohio Governor/Lt. Governor

John Kasich/Mary Taylor

Texas Governor

Rick Perry

Key House Races

IL-10 US Congress

Robert Dold

IL-11 US Congress

Adam Kinzinger

IL-8 US Congress

Joe Walsh

IL-14 US Congress

Randy Hultgren

IL-17 US Congress

Bobby Schilling

MI-1 US Congress

Dan Beinshek

MN 6-US Congress

Michele Bachmann


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