Barrett Campaign missed the net in its rapid response ad against the RGA.

There has been a lot of spin going around with the Republican Governor’s Association and the Barrett Campaign.  This comes from a  deceptive rapid-response ad the Barrett Camp did in response to an ad the RGA did in Colorado.

From looking at the ad  the RGA did to criticize Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, here is the evidence that supports the RGA’s claims and discrediting Team Barrett’s rapid response ad.

Claim 1-Frontier Airlines CEO: Denver Taxes Too High.  That is true, the CEO of Frontier’s Parent company Republic Airways Brian Bedford said in The Denver Post that taxes were a major reason why Frontier moved its operations to Milwaukee.

Source: The Denver Post, November 15, 2009

Claim 2-Now a Democratic Candidate in Another State Confirms Hickenlooper’s failure.  This is the part where all the liberal groups and the Barrett Campaign is salivating about.  All the RGA did is use a Barrett Campaign ad to confirm Frontier Airlines moved to Milwaukee in which a handle of a November 10, 2009 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel appeared on the ad.  Also, the same Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article quoted Republic’s CEO that taxes were a reason why Republic moved operations out of Denver.  There was no mention of praise towards Mayor Tom Barrett whatsoever in the ad despite the Barrett ad was used by the RGA.    Just because the RGA says one thing doesn’t give Team Barrett a license to spin the truth.

These facts prove that Barrett’s Campaign was totally deceptive in its rapid response ad against the Republican Governor’s Association.  The only person we should thank for bringing 800 jobs to Milwaukee is Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.   Hickenlooper’s loss is Wisconsin’s gain period.   This proves why in Claim #3 that John Hickenlooper is an Economic Development Machine for Milwaukee.

Phil Walzak, the Communications Director for Team Barrett may think he had it his way in a rapid-response attack.  But, if shooting rapid response ads were part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Walcak would be the Cristiano Ronaldo of political rapid response.


8 responses to “Barrett Campaign missed the net in its rapid response ad against the RGA.

  1. I get a kick out of you lambasting “spin” in a post with nothing but spin. Granted, it’s poorly worded and hard to understand, but we all know what you’re trying to do. That analogy at the end was hilarious. You a big Yogi Berra fan?

  2. Of course Kyle, the Mike Tate Watch reality…we all kind of figured you operated in your own realm.

  3. And, Kyle? The word that you struggled after and missed in the fourth graf is, “Headline.” You could look it up. Newspapers don’t have handles. Radios have handles.

    Glad I could clear that up for the Robert Green of the Wisconsin Blogosphere.

  4. The Barrett response is clever, but predictable.

    Yes, the RGA ran a web ad that proved that the the Colorado candidate for governor had lost jobs.

    Yes, Barrett claimed credit for those jobs.

    However, in the face of all the evidence, Barrett’s response is extremely lame.

    I mean, it’s like a football team who lost the game 70-7, but says, “Hey, remember that touchdown in the first quarter? That was great.”

    Really weak.

    If anyone thinks that RGA didn’t know what it was doing, than nobody knows the RGA. It is not staffed by idiots.

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